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TinyWarz Library Opens!

The TinyWarz Library can now be accessed from the top navigation bar. This page lists all Vehicles, Buildings, Mods currently in the game, and will make it much easier to look for bigger and better forces to equip your army with.

Market Tweak

Mods, Vehicles, Crews and Buildings sorted on the Market by their name or the seller's name will now also be sorted by price as-well. This will make it much easier to find the least expensive item.

Whispers and New Player Tourney

Cammy is sponsoring a Tournament for new players. If you would like to participate, please see this post on the forum.

Also, you can now whisper to another player by clicking on their name (in the Chat window or from the main page) and choosing the "whisper" option. You may need to clear the cache on your browser to make this new feature appear.

Site Issues

The ISP's Name Servers had some MAJOR issues today which also took down the site for a few hours. Those issues have since been fixed ... game-on!

All Your Base ...

Bases which are deployed to Relics Planets now receive a 10 Command Point discount. This means bases which are 1,000 CE (10 Command Points to drop) or less, now deploy for free. If your base design is over 1,000 CE (10 Command Points), then you will receive a 10 point discount when you deploy to the planet. Also, deploying with a "free base" (ie. a base under 1,000 CE) will not decrease the amount of experience you receive for destroying bandit units or other player's vehicles.

Minor Fixes

Two minor fixes today - First, an error that could occur when a vehicle was being selected for attacking has been fixed. Second, a problem where the turn clock would show a large amount of time-left has also been fixed.

No More Free Ore ...

Free vehicles which are given to starting players, and vehicles which are obtained from the Starter Faction's "Re-request Units" link, will now only give a minimal amount of ore when scrapped. This is to prevent the "farming" of these vehicles for free ore. Note: This change has no effect on player-constructed vehicles, they will still provide the usual amount of ore when scrapped.

And the Winner is ...

The Bytten web-blog for Indie Gamers has seen fit to pick TinyWarz as the most Innovative Game of 2006! ... A special thanks to Bytten for this award and to you, the players, who make TinyWarz what it is.

New Planet!

Given the recent influx of new-players, a new Training Planet (designed for new players) has been added. Aldus now orbits with Taris and Riona, and should make it much easier for new players to find a planet to deploy to.

Combat Tweak

You can now see the actual To-Hit value that was used to attack a target vehicle in the turn results. This information will be displayed in brackets after the message about an attack. This should make it much easier to see how your commands / mods and an enemy's commands / mods affect combat.

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